Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 7

       Bobo no doubt loves to scream and mimic a Sasquatch.  Some nights he sounds good and other screams not so much. No practiced continuity. Any screams returning at night could be foxes, coyotes, wolves and mountain lions protecting their territory or trying to hone in on Bobo's screams or on smaller game animals distress calls.
       Screams from bobcats, lynx and mountain lions on dark nights afield can make the human skin crawl on the most experienced hunters or anyone close enough to hear them.  Animals know the difference between humans and predators.  Rabbits when caught by coyotes or owls scream so loud they sound like a young human child or baby being tortured.  The screams from a Sasquatch wouldn't be any different - the type of scream is only understood by them - not man.
       If ape-men do exist they can hear the FB screamers chatting afterwards like chipmunks on steroids.  The only reason the team stays were it was reportedly seen or heard is because ape-men are like humans and they take the same routes and it could be a place where it'll appear again.
       Sasquatches in America have done an amazing job remaining hidden from man despite their sudden unexplained appearances.  I don't believe I've ever heard someone say they repeatedly saw it twice in one week?  I must be an anomaly for I have seen a Sasquatch twice in three days.  Not now, read on to find where I buried my sighting.  I'm getting better at baiting, too.
       As I understand Sasquatch inhabit dense forests, brushy canyons and cross roads and highways of lesser travel many times in early evenings.  They favor brush to brush near corners that interconnect woodlots and dense fence rows where if seen it can disappear fast.  They inhabit watershed areas where water and shelter offer security and abundant food:  meat and vegetarian matter.  Humans and animals require the same.
       What I find incredible is that with all the advanced digital thermal photography and GPS we can't get a good clear photo.  The photos are so blurred and grainy.  Surveillance cameras have been around from the Civil War days, but we still get grainy, fuzzy images of bank robbers and Sasquatch sightings.  The Texas' man's photo of the Sasquatch was blurred.  Why?
       Try the lack of sunlight - shadowy visitors.  Sasquatch are smarter than man.  Hiding to them is an art!
       Could it be the individuals were nervous see a living legend in their midst?  Could it be shaking hand movements the cause of fuzzy photos?  Scared, huh?  If you doubt and continually rub your eyes, but can't shake the image branded in your mind's eye maybe you should get a CAT Scan or MRI before you announce to friends, family and the FB team you saw a Sasquatch.  (continued)

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